Team Canon


Fourth Days









"While they were walking and talking,

Jesus Himself came near ... "

"Did not our hearts burn within us ...

while He opened to us the scriptures?"

Luke 24:13-35


Walk to Emmaus Team Canon

(It's Not About Me!)


I am a member of an Emmaus team; therefore, I am only one part of a complete being.

    Why am I here, Lord?

I am an imperfect earthen vessel, and I am blessed to be here in a servant's role.

    I'm here to praise God and do God's holy work here on earth.

I will serve in humility and gratitude for the opportunity to be here and remember that the Holy Spirit calls for my love, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control in all things.

    I'm here to imitate Jesus Christ and to be a window to pilgrims at this Walk to Emmaus.

I will pray for submission to the Spirit of this weekend and for strength and commitment to be God's person rather than my own person during these days.

    I'm here to pray and make sacrifices for the entire team and pilgrims.

I will remember that I am here only as an instrument through which God can work to renew the Church.

    I'm here to help establish a Christian community by bringing Jesus Christ to these three days and by accepting the gift of the Holy Spirit.

I am here only by God's Grace and only so that the Holy Spirit might work through me.

    I'm here to know the intent of the talks and to help the speaker accomplish it by guiding and directing discussion.

I will lift up other team members and pilgrims in prayer and ask our Lord to strengthen them and open their eyes so that we all might recognize Jesus Christ in the breaking of the bread.

    I'm here to display Christian discipleship ... love of my fellow human beings, acceptance of other persons as individuals by leadership (not domination), and showing my concern for others.

I will not overstate or overemphasize my role by any word or deed.

    I'm here to demonstrate true leadership ... not for glory-seeking, but in loving concern; to be a guide, not a counselor; and to be tolerant.

I will not glorify myself; I will not glorify any other team member nor allow another to glorify me.

    I'm here so that when these three days are over, the pilgrims will be able to say of the team members,,"I came looking for Christ and found Christ in my friends".

I will remember that the pilgrims are the main reason for my presence and my prayers.

    I'm here to ask humbly that God's will be done ... not mine.

I will remember at all times that I am no more important than any other person this weekend.

    I'm here, Christ, to submit my heart and soul to you so that our love will bloom and grow.

In all things, I will accept and obey the authority and discipline under which I serve.

    In all things I will ask ... "What would Jesus do?".

I have no authority or responsibility except to obey God and to respond to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Whatever passions and excitement seize me, I will express through joyful praise to God, my Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

I will give God all the glory for whatever happens during this weekend.

I will raise my voice only to praise God and will bow my head in reverence and submission to God.

I am only a servant but God can use me more powerfully in this role than in any other role I might choose.

I am a member of an Emmaus team; in all things this weekend I shall pray that Christ will be lifted up.


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