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The Cross Country Emmaus Community

does not offer scholarship aid at this time.


If scholarship aid is desired,

please check with your local Mini Community.


If you want to sponsor a Pilgrim on a

Walk To Emmaus Weekend,

please read this page first.

All Sponsors should read the entire page and

fully understand all the responsibilities.

And, above all, PRAY, PRAY, then


This is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

Your decisions and actions, as a Sponsor,

will profoundly affect a personís

Spiritual walk and their relationship

with the LORD.


Responsibilities of, and Hints for, Sponsors

Good sponsorship is vital to the continuation of the Emmaus Movement. We are faced with the challenge of educating pilgrims on the role and importance of good sponsorship. It is the most important part of Emmaus. It is the first act of agape before the "Walk" even begins.

The reason for sponsoring should not be "to get all my friends to go," to fill up the weekend, to fix people's problems or to reproduce one's own religious experience in someone else.

Our purpose should be to bring spiritual renewal to those who will, in turn, bring a new life and vision back to their church, home, workplace, and community.

Emmaus is right for many people, but not for everyone! Possible candidates for Emmaus could be:

1. The backbone of the church, the quiet

"behind the scenes" folks.

2. Less active members who need their awareness of grace rekindled and their commitment renewed.

3. Christians who are hungry for "something more" and want to grow spiritually.

4. Church leaders (clergy and lay) who will bring new vision and vitality back to the church and who need the renewal and to experience the grace unique in Emmaus.

Some questionable sponsorship could be:

1. Non-Christians and persons without connections

to the church.

2. Persons undergoing emotional crisis (recent divorce or severe grief) or who are psychological unstable.

3. A person who decides not to attend a walk after

being presented the opportunity.

Wise sponsorship is purposeful and prayerful.

After you have prayerfully selected your pilgrim, here are some hints on preparing for the Walk and responsibilities at the Walk's conclusion.

A. Take the application to your pilgrim and have him/her fill it out in your presence answering any question he/she may want to ask. Obtain the registration fee. Take the application to the pilgrim's pastor for his/her signature and then mail it to the Emmaus Registrar (address on the application).

B. After you have received confirmation of the pilgrim's "Walk date," begin working on letters. Letters are an extremely important part of the weekend, so spend some time to insure your pilgrim has at least ten letters in your possession when you take them for their weekend. Be sure to have the Pilgrim's first and last names on the envelope - otherwise there is a chance of misdelivery. The letters from family members should have 'Family' written on the envelope and other envelopes should have 'Friend' written on the front. Some areas to search for letters besides the spouse are Sunday School classes, work, family, or other organizations the pilgrim may be involved in and your own church and Emmaus Community.

C. Be sure your pilgrim knows that you will be delivering and picking them up and remind them to bring the balance of the money owed for their weekend.

D. Take your pilgrim to send-off if your community has this activity. Make sure there will be a pastor present to send them prayerfully on their weekend. Remind community members of send-off time, so they can attend.

E. Secure agape from reunion groups, individuals and local community. Sponsors are to provide 2 food items AND 2 gift items. Food Agape can be eats and/or drinks. Gift Agape can be pillow and/or wearable Agape.

Gift Agape should consist of 85 pieces each.

Mark the agape, i.e., how much there is, who it is from, and if you have a preference when you want it delivered. Perhaps you would like it delivered after a certain talk, in the dining room or agape to be put on their pillow before bed, etc. This will help greatly with the agape distribution during the weekend. Either give the agape to someone on the team prior to the Walk or discreetly bring it with the pilgrim to the Walk. Seek advice from a team member as to where the agape needs to be left.

REMEMBER! Agape represents Godís Love. We should literally drown the Pilgrims in Agape! All tables and beds should covered in Agape at all timesd!

F. Be sure to ask the pilgrim's pastor to write a letter and notify the pilgrim's local church the week before the Walk so a notice can be put in the newsletter and the pastor can lift them up during the Sunday pastoral prayers if this is appropriate within your church.

G. Ask your pilgrim to read Luke 24 several times

before the walk.

H. Find out if your pilgrim needs a special diet or medication regimen and pass this information onto the Lay Director.

I. Explain sleeping and bathing arrangements. Sleeping and showers are very personal activities and pilgrims need to know how to prepare for them. Also, explain some of the activities (wearing of agape, table activities) that individuals will be performing and that they are important even though the importance may not be revealed until a later time. Some individuals are not always immediately comfortable with performing skits, other table activities or wearing of agape, etc. Remind the pilgrim of a need for an open mind and open heart.

J. Let the pilgrim know personal participation is expected from the Walk's beginning until Closing on the last day.

K. Explain to the pilgrim there will be no contact with their family or business except, of course, in an emergency.

L. Remind the pilgrim to leave at home the following: cell phones, pagers, radios, clocks, lap tops and cameras. You can ask them to leave their watch at home or leave it to the Lay Director who asks that their watches be

taken off and put away on Thursday evening.

M. Tell the pilgrim how each weekend is unique and that each person seems to find exactly what God wants that person to experience. The pilgrim can look forward to gaining a new enthusiasm for serving God.

N. Plan on three trips during the weekend your pilgrim

is on the Walk:

(1) Deliver the pilgrim on the first evening and attend Sponsors' Hour after leaving the pilgrim;

(2) Candlelight at 8:00 PM on the last night of the walk;

(3) Closing at 4:00 PM on the last day of the walk.

O. Check on any Spouse left at home for the weekend, perhaps inviting them for dinner on an evening during the Walk, with your pilgrim's permission. Let them know your pilgrim arrived at the Walk and all is well.

P. Pray for your pilgrim, his/her family, the Lay and Spiritual Directors, the team members, fellow pilgrims and all who will share in your pilgrim's weekend.

Q. After closing on Sunday, offer to take your pilgrim to eat on the way home. This gives them an opportunity to share the events of the weekend.

R. Encourage your pilgrim to become active in a reunion group and Community / Mini-Community immediately after their return. If none are convenient for their schedule, encourage and help form a new group. The Internet and local Communities /Mini-Communities are excellent sources of reunion group activities.

S. Take or meet your pilgrim at the first Community Gathering after their Walk. They need to become a vibrant part of their new Community!

T. The ultimate reason for sponsoring a pilgrim for the "Walk To Emmaus" is to strengthen and deepen that person's relationship with Jesus and to create an enthusiastic disciple to do God's work in his/her home, church and community. The ultimate reason for YOUR wanting to sponsor someone is Christ's love and your wanting that same love for the prospective pilgrim. Christ's love fills us up and we want to PASS IT ON!


Your comments, suggestions, and corrections are welcome.

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